A powerful alliance between Danbor and Royal Arctic Line has been formed. The two renowned companies have joined their core competences and resources in the joint venture, Arctic Base Supply.

The synergies created by this joint venture make Arctic Base Supply a strong and reliable partner with the resources and experiences necessary to support international operators in their exploration and development activities in Greenland’s often harsh conditions. Our business setup and network combined with the best equipment and the optimal facilities enable operations from anywhere needed.

Arctic Base Supply has inherited the cultures of the two founding companies ensuring full understanding of the conditions present in the offshore business as well as operations conducted in an Arctic environment. The company also benefits from the strong and well-established networks of its founders.

Arctic Base Supply offers a full range of services within logistics and support for the oil and gas companies throughout Greenland, onshore and offshore. We have a unique expertise in the provision of shore base facilities, stevedoring, logistics and transportation for the oil and gas industries, and are able to deliver the complete solution required for successful exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in Greenland.